Do THIS To Get Results!

Do THIS To Get Results! Transcript Kathy Smith:  I notice that in your workshops and in your teachings and in your books that you like these three-word phrases that are sort of the cornerstone of your... read more

30-Min Pilates Core Video

CHECK OUT THE 30-DAY FLAT BELLY DETOX 30-Day Slim Belly Challenge Includes: • 30 Daily workouts to flip your belly fat-burning switch! From videos to audio workouts, from walking to strength training to barre, your ab-tightening workouts will be delivered straight to... read more


The miracle of gratitude is that it gently shifts your perspective of the world around you. And, practicing gratitude elevates your level of joy. In fact, studies show that it makes us 25% happier! Gratitude has the strongest link with mental well-being than any other... read more

5-Minute Breathing Exercise

Nothing else provides so much energy, clarity, positive feelings, and that incredible feeling of rejuvenation.  And couldn’t we all use some of that today? This week, I was curled up in a warm blanket, soaking up the morning sun through the window and scrolling... read more

5-Min Yoga For Inflexible People

THIS IS YOGA FOR INFLEXIBLE PEOPLE. So you don’t think you’re flexible? You’re not alone! There are reasons why you may be less bendy…from genetics, to how cold it is outside, to your age. But just because you haven’t passed the... read more

10-Min Gentle Yoga

Stretching is a key to ageless energy. Over time, tension and tightness can cause stiff joints and muscles that eventually lead to reduced mobility and aging. Maintaining flexibility and range of motion is crucial for preventing joint pain, and resolving posture... read more

[VIDEO] Free 15-Minute Yoga For Beginners 

If you’ve never tried yoga before, it’s time to grab a mat and discover why this ancient combination of physical and mental exercise has transformed lives across the world. The beauty of the practice is you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the... read more