4-Min Routine


If you have 4 minutes (and who doesn’t) then today’s Nitric Oxide Dump workout is for you. 

The concept of a quick nitric-oxide surge routine was originally created by Dr. Zach Bush MD. Zach is a fascinating wealth of knowledge, and is one of the few triple-certified physicians in the nation. I first met Dr. Bush when he was a guest on The Art of Living Podcast (episode 13), and then I moderated the Plant-Based Utah Nutrition Symposium where Zach was the keynote speaker. His information on gut health is captivating, mind-blowing and has a massive impact on our day-to-day lives. 

The genius of this routine is that it stimulates your body to release nitric oxide (“NO”), which is why it’s called the “Nitric Oxide Dump.”   

Today’s Nitric Oxide Dump routine uses motions that are done quickly without much rest. This HIIT training with a twist is designed to release NO which can promote health and is one of the best ways to start toning your body’s systems including the cardiovascular, immune, and nervous stems. 

The workout is short (only 4 mins) but for maximum benefit, this lymphatic-stimulating routine is ideally done three times a day to tone your body’s systems.

Nitric Oxide is a molecule that circulates in the body, found in the inner layers of the blood vessels. It’s a messenger, sending signals to cells throughout the body. 

Exercise releases NO, and then the NO navigates its way into the smooth muscles, which makes them relax. 

 Benefits of regular nitric oxide dumps include… 

– Boosts cardiovascular health 
– Decreases the viscosity of your blood
– Increases the flexibility and elasticity oof arteries and veins 
– Helps moderate blood sugar levels
– Produces proteins that keep your muscles at their optimal levels