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Go Ahead. Try It.

Go Ahead. Try It. SAY GOODBYE TO THIGH JIGGLE I’m serious. Try the Ultimate Lower Body Kit for thinner thighs and firmer buns in 30 days. I guarantee you’ll love it. If you don’t, return it for a full refund…no questions asked. ...Read More...Read More

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Banish The Menopause Belly

Banish The Menopause Belly You’ve probably heard of “menopause belly…” that dreaded extra flab that tends to hang onto your midsection after the age of 45. After this time, belly fat often develops around the midsection due to the huge drop in estrogen that occurs during menopause. But getting rid of belly fat isn’t just...Read More...Read More...Read More



3 AT-HOME MASSAGES FOR INSTANT CALM You don’t have to check into a spa to unwind. For serenity now, try one of these 3 at-home massage methods. 1. Check The Stick, But Keep The Ball Lacrosse balls are becoming the go-to tool for easing muscle tension after a workout, which is why so many fitness trainers...Read More...Read More...Read More

His & Her Aging: The Good, The Bad…And The Nose Hair

His & Her Aging: The Good, The Bad…And The Nose Hair It seems men and women each do things a little differently even as they age. Here are the most apparent age-related differences.   SKIN   HERS: Due to a menopause-related drop in estrogen, women’s skin thins and produces less oils, which means they show their...Read More...Read More...Read More

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Mango Mambo Smoothie Recipe

Mango Mambo Smoothie Recipe The truth is, being ageless is all about having energy. In our over-stimulated, tired-and-wired world, our natural rhythms of vibrancy can easily be lost. Interestingly enough, I notice that if I take a few minutes in the morning to whip up a vitality-boosting protein shake and move my body, I dramatically...Read More...Read More...Read More

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3 Simple Ways To Invigorate Your Mornings

3 Simple Ways To Invigorate Your Mornings Rise and shine! Whether you love it or not, making the most of your morning hours may be the key to healthy, positive, and successful life. Waking up with the sun is a common trait found among many of the world’s most influential people. And, it’s a principle...Read More...Read More...Read More


Whittle Your Waistline & Banish Back Fat!

Whittle Your Waistline & Banish Back Fat! Resistance training becomes more important for you with every passing year. That’s because of something I call The Great Decline. Starting around age 30, you lose about 1% of our muscle mass every year, and then that loss starts to accelerate in your 40s and 50s and beyond. You...Read More...Read More...Read More


Sneak Peek Inside New Total Body Toning DVD

Sneak Peek Inside New Total Body Toning DVD   My NEW DVD is called “Total Body Toning” for a reason. Like no other workout, TOTAL BODY TONING is efficient, incredibly effective and targets the entire body using Resistance Tubes, a Stretch Band, and an Exercise Ball (all included in the Total Body Toning kit!). The resistance...Read More...Read More...Read More

Burn 400 Calories in 20 Mins With Kettlebells

Every bit of exercise counts. But the truth is….some workouts are more efficient than others and you owe it to yourself to experiment and try new things when it comes to fitness. Take kettelbells for example. Kettlebells are not just glorified dumbbells. They’re a workout tool that optimizes how you move your body to torch...Read More...Read More...Read More

Kathy Smith HIIT Workout

Introducing a Workout Designed by…You!

Introducing a Workout Designed by… You! One of the most efficient exercises to burn fat and calories doesn’t require any equipment. Interval training (also known as High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT) can be practiced while walking down the street (or treadmill!), while riding your bike, or hiking the trails. And, it gets you fitter...Read More...Read More...Read More