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Are you at risk for heart disease?

Are You At Risk? Secrets About Your Heart That You MUST Know

Are You At Risk? Secrets About Your Heart That You MUST Know HEART-HEALTHY TIP: Keep your body strong and your heart healthy! The perfect triangle of a healthy heart consists of cardio, strength training and yoga, which are all included in my NEW Heart Healthy Kit! 50% OFF today! Learn More> February is American Heart...Read More...Read More...Read More

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How To Lose Weight Like A Guy

How To Lose Weight Like A Guy BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND: Tone your muscles, speed up your metabolism, and burn more calories all day long with the Staying Strong Kit! Intrigued? Click here. Does it ever seem like men seem to lose weight overnight…without even trying, and you gain weight by simply glancing at a...Read More...Read More...Read More


The ULTIMATE Pre-Bed Meal (Try This Tonight)

My good friend and top nutritionist Joel has let the cat out of the bag on what is undoubtedly the BEST pre-bed meal. As I’ve discussed several times before in my newsletter articles, it is not necessary to avoid eating in the evening hours to lose flab. In fact, the right night-time meal can often...Read More...Read More...Read More

Kathy Smith's Berry Smoothie Recipe

11 Essential Foods To Lose Weight Fast

11 Essential Foods To Lose Weight Fast Proteins play a key role in your ability to lose weight, plus it helps keep you satisfied, build muscle mass, and boost metabolism. And, they’re the most important nutritional element for molding your body into the shape you desire. Proteins are broken down by the body into amino acids,...Read More...Read More...Read More

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Flatten Your Tummy in 5 Mins a Day

 Flatten Your Tummy in 5 Mins a Day Crunches, crunches, crunches! What if everything you’ve ever learned about toning your tummy is wrong?  Studies are continuing to show that the secret  to strengthening your core and tightening your tummy is about doing the right exercises…not spending doing traditional crunches. In today’s blog, I’ve developed a...Read More...Read More...Read More

Reboot your mind and energy

Re-Boot Your Mind And Body

Re-Boot Your Mind And Body This holiday season, you will probably take time off from work or every-day activities to spend time with family and friends. And, as you catch yourself worrying about emails piling up in your inbox, you may even feel little guilty for relaxing. But in our go-go-go, technology-stimulated world, relaxing can seem difficult. According to a 2011 study, on...Read More...Read More...Read More

Guilt Free Thanksgiving

1 Simple Way To Burn Calories Hours After Your Workout

1 Simple Way To Burn Calories Hours After Your Workout DON’T MISS MY BRAND NEW DVD, FAT BURNING WALKING! Click here for more info. You probably have heard of the “afterburn effect,” or how some exercises can help you burn calories for hours after your workout (if not, it’s time to learn!). The question is…which...Read More...Read More...Read More

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1 Move to Activate Your Abs

1 Move to Activate Your Abs: V-Sit If your Thanksgiving feast left you with a little more belly bloat than you anticipated, then it’s time to activate your abs! In today’s blog, I’ll share with you a powerful move to engage your midsection…no matter what your fitness level is.    DIRECTIONS:  Start lying flat on your back....Read More...Read More...Read More

The shortest path to happiness

The Shortest Path To Happiness

The Shortest Path To Happiness Thanksgiving is more than just a cultural tradition. Practicing gratitude can truly elevate our levels of happiness….in fact, studies show that it makes us 25% happier! Gratitude has the strongest link with mental well-being than any other character trait. Here are some of my favorite gratitude quotes. Take them with you...Read More...Read More...Read More


Burn Even MORE Calories With This Move

Burn Even MORE Calories With This Move If you still find yourself grazing on post-Halloween goodies, it’s time to get up and burn extra calories! Below, I’ll show you 1 deceptively simple cardio movement that’s ultimate the full-body exercise, targeting the arms, chest, legs and glutes….the “Mountain Climber!” And, you can do it almost anywhere, because it doesn’t require...Read More...Read More...Read More