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Kettlebell Workouts

Fitness fads come and go and after 30 years in this business, sometimes it feels like I’ve seen them all. But every once in a while, something truly innovative comes along…. like kettlebells.

What are Kettlebells

You may have asked yourself, ‘What are kettlebells?‘ These little balls of magic are more than a fitness phenomenon: They are a true game-changer. First used by Russian bodybuilders in the early 20th century, these little miracle tools are now the go-to for A-list actresses looking to burn fat and tone the entire body in less time. Now it’s time for you to learn how to be fit with Kettlebell workouts.

What’s the big deal?

You’ve heard the endless list of toning, weight loss, and overall health benefits that come with any strength training routine. Well, kettlebells offer all of this and MORE. Their unique shape allows you to use a fuller range of motion – and the movements in kettlebell training incorporate multiple muscle groups at once (arms, shoulders, abs and glutes – all at the same time). That means more sculpting, more toning, more waist-whittling… all in less time.

What makes kettlebells the key to calorie burning?

kettlebell-solutionKettlebells offer much more than a strength training workout. The high-repetition, swinging, twisting, full-body movements used in kettlebell workouts also provide the fat-burning, calorie-blasting benefits of aerobic exercise. Talk about a time saver!

Try my kettlebells today to see the results for yourself!