500 miles in 33 days…


It’s hard for me to believe it’s one year since I walked the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile trek across Spain… Caminoanniversary!

Check out this 1-minute picture/video recap of my 500 mile, 33 day journey…

What a difference a year makes. Finding adequate words to describe the trek is difficult, but I have fond memories from making my way across Spain and meeting new friends on the path.

It was an incredible experience! The support, encouragement, random check ins, and the “love you” messages that I received from friends and family were such blessings on those long, hot days.

Since then, life has shifted dramatically. What I learned from the Camino was that walking makes me feel revitalized and enlightened. Every day brought new adventures, new thoughts, new emotions, and new feelings… deep feelings…and it felt good to feel.

It was a turning point in my life, and gave me an opportunity to learn some of life’s most important lessons… in action.

If you’re up for a walk this week, join me on an outdoor adventure as a tribute to the Caminoanniversary!

Taking a satisfying walk can change your outlook on life, which is especially important right now. Enjoying a contemplative stroll in the great outdoors is equal parts meditation and exercise… a form of mental cleansing!

Not only does walking disrupt the pattern of scrolling through social media for the third time in an hour, or binge-watching another TV show, but walking also releases neurotransmitters… which you probably need now more than ever!