Important Muscle!

Mirror mirror on the wall, what are the most overlooked muscles of them all? The posterior chain, sometimes called the forgotten muscles.

A solid foundation starts with a strong posterior chain, which includes your hamstrings, glutes, calves, lats, rotator cuff muscles, and erector spinae muscles.

All the other muscle groups are important, but with today’s lifestyle, we tend to be more dominant on the front-side of our body. Popular forms of exercise such as yoga, walking, and running all strengthen the anterior side of your body. Let’s strenghten the posterior chain today.

Learn how to train the posterior chain in this 3-minute workout. It uses a workout ball, but if you don’t have one at home, use firm cushion underneath your hips.

The posterior chain is a powerhouse, and includes some of the strongest and biggest muscles. These muscles play a huge role in everyday activities, such as sitting in a chair, picking something up off the floor and standing back up, or jumping. An imbalance between your anterior and posterior chains puts you at risk of injury and bad posture.

So it’s time to start appreciating a strong posterior chain. Check out today’s strength training video to wake up your sleepy backside. When you work the posterior chain (the largest and most powerful muscles) you’ll have a strong booty, and a strong back. Give these muscles the attention they deserve… GET STARTED


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