Free Exercise For Amazing Arms
With Kettlebells

Recently, I was in Colorado Springs raising money for breast cancer at Rally For The Cure. We were playing tennis, and all of the women came up and asked, "Kathy, how do I get my arms in shape?" The answer: Kettlebells!

Here's why: kettlebells engage your entire body in a few fluid motions, so it's efficient! You'll burn calories, and work your arms, legs, core and butt all in one motion. With one kettlebell, you can sculpt and define your entire body. 

If you're ready to tone your way to amazing arms, try these kettlebell kits:

Kathy Smith's exercise for AMAZING armsKettlebell Solution – $39.99
3 lb and 5 lb kettlebells and Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution DVD

Advanced Kettlebell Solution – $59.99
10 lb and 15 lb kettlebells and Kathy Smith's Kettlebell Solution DVD

Bundle Of Love – $49.99
3 lb and 5 lb kettlebells, Kathy Smith's Kettlebell Solution DVD, Cardio Knockout DVD, Yoga Sculpt DVD, and Ageless: Staying Strong DVD 

Belly Boot Camp – $44.99
3 lb and 5 lb kettlebells, Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution DVD, Tummy Trimmers DVD, Flex Appeal DVD, and Yoga Sculpt DVD

Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution DVD – $12.99

Here's to your health!