Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution DVD

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Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution DVD

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Kettlebells are like no other workout you've ever done. This isn't just lifting weights, so proper form is important to get the best results possible. Follow along and practice with me as I demonstrate the proper kettlebell technique.

Want to get toned and lose weight faster? Than Kettlebells are the answer. You can burn 400 calories in just 20 minutes, according to researchers who examined the relationship between kettlebell training and energy expenditure. Kettlebells increase your metabolism, work multiple muscles and burn fat after exercise. It is no wonder A-list actresses/actors learn to burn fat and tone the entire body in less time with kettlebells and kettlebell DVDs.

Kettlebells allow you to use a fuller range of motion than traditional strength training. As you will see in my Kettlebell DVDs, the movements in kettlebell training incorporate multiple muscle groups all at the same time. This is good news for you! It means more sculpting, more belly fat burning, more waist-whittling and more strength, all in less time.

According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: Kettlebell training significantly improved strength and endurance and was also seen as an effective alternative to weight training.

My Kettlebell DVDs cover all the basic and advanced kettlebell exercises you need to be tone and fit!


"I am doing your Kettlebell DVD religiously and my arms and waist are benefiting tremendously. Thank you Kathy Smith!" - Deann



If you've never worked with Kettlebells before, get ready!
This workout is unlike any workout you've done before. You're going to get strong, lean and flexible from your inner core out and tone your entire body. You're going to feel centered, balanced & confident and you're going to have FUN!
The Kettlebell Solution is a full-range-of-motion toning, stretching, strengthening, weight loss, wellness system designed for all fitness levels.
Need your own kettlebells? Get the exclusive Kathy Smith Kettlebell Solution Kit Here


In Stock


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