How To Get Rid Of Knee Fat With Step Aerobics

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 11.38.18 AMAs you can imagine, I’ve seen a lot of exercise trends over the past 30 years. Some fizzled out while and others have stuck around. One of the most popular and long-lasting trends has been step aerobics.

The thing that makes stepping so amazing is that you’re doing double duty: an aerobic calorie burn and muscle toning. Simply by adding the height of a platform, the movement of stepping up and down is turned into a weight-bearing activity, even without using dumbbells. By supporting your own body weight, you are creating resistance, which forces your muscles to engage deeper and the result is firm, toned legs and butt. Stepping has created a lot of attractive “assets” over the years. I still love doing a step aerobics program precisely because NOTHING sculpts and tones the glutes and thighs quite like it. (If don’t own a step aerobics DVD, my new Power Step DVD Bundle may be just for you! Click here to learn more.)

When you move up and down on a step you are using all the lower-body muscles—hamstrings and quads, both the front and back of your thighs—glutes and hips. Change from a standard front step to a lateral or side step and you switch the focus to the inner and outer thighs, which means you start to target that hard-to-reach knee fat. Start pumping your arms back and forth and you have a full-body workout.

A Positive Step

Any step workout is going to get your heart rate up, like running does, but here’s the big difference: it’s easy on the joints! Unlike the constant pounding of running or jogging, a step routine has built-in shock absorbers that lessen the impact. Not only do most platforms have a cushioned surface, but by switching the support leg—step up with the left for a few reps, then start with the right—you’re alleviating stress. That’s great news if you have knees that can’t take a lot of strain. After all, remember Gin Miller, the creator of step aerobics, started stepping as a way to recover from a serious knee injury.

Also, because stepping is a weight-bearing activity (even without dumbbells), you’re doing your bones good. According to the University of Arizona Bone Builders program, stepping helps build both bone strength and density, which prevents osteoporosis.

That’s why I developed my Power Step system…it adds a whole new level of excitement and challenge! These functional, total-body step workouts will help maximize calorie burn while toning your legs, thighs and buns…and of course, getting rid of knee fat! The Kit includes:

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