1-Day Energy Makeover

It’s officially the season of Sundance Film Festival here in Park City, UT! A few of my friends are in town, and we’re going non-stop from films to new restaurants to early morning workouts. And, with 7 more days to go of the festival, I need all the energy I can get! Which is exactly why I created this 1-day energy makeover. So if you are feeling exhausted before the day even begins, and want to feel refreshed and ready to take on your day, try these tips for one day to give you more mojo than a cup of joe ever could!

The Day Before You Begin Your 1-Day Energy Makeover –

Schedule tomorrow’s workouts for the times you most need them. Almost everyone feels more relaxed, alert, and alive after exercise. If you can figure out at what point in your day you most need to recharge your batteries, and make it a habit to work out then, you’ll find yourself looking forward to it.

6:00 am – Energize Your Words

Before you roll out of the sheets, say aloud the following energizing affirmation from Destination Satori 

Vitality is coursing through my body
like a river of well-being. I have
so much vital energy that it
spills over and enriches my environment.
I give from a place of unlimited abundance
whenever I allow love to flow through me.

6:30 am – Open The Curtains

The natural light will help trigger your body to wake up and get moving! If it’s still dark outside when you wake up, flip on the lights! Artificial lights also help in optimizing your wake-up process. I recommend using compact fluorescent bulbs labeled “daylight.” This type of light is most similar to natural, outdoor color temperatures.

7:00 am – Start Your Workout Slowly

Tie up your shoes, and start your workout slowly and gradually. Your top priority should be to get some kind of exercise routine going, no matter how small. A daily five or ten-minute walk is far better than a full gym workout you never do. Start with a small, easy routine you can be consistent with. Begin with this 5-min indoor walking video. And remember, my 2-Week New You Program eases you into your exercise, and was designed so you can maximize your energy. The program starts with short workouts and gradually adds in longer workouts so you can reach your weight loss goals.

7:30 am – Grab A Zero-Sugar Breakfast

In a recent interview with JJ Virgin, she talked about the importance of starting the day with a zero-sugar breakfast. She said, “Strangely, most of us start the day off with a dessert. A muffin, for example, is a common breakfast item which is just a cupcake without the frosting! When people start the day with sugar, gluten, and dairy, they are getting an opiate hit that puts them into a craving cycle and on a blood sugar rollercoaster. My goal is for people to have good blood sugar control throughout the day, which means starting the day off right with fat, fiber, and protein. It’s the perfect trifecta for blood sugar control, reduced cravings, better focus and more energy. For me, this means a shake with high-quality protein powder, almond or coconut milk, avocado, and some fiber.”

8:00 am – Go For The Green (Tea)

Get ready to take on the day with this ENERGY-PACKED smoothie recipe! Thanks to the natural lift you get with green tea mixed with the smooth chocolate raspberry flavor, it’s the perfect combination to allow you to DRINK MORE, and WEIGH LESS!

If you prefer coffee, check out what Dave Asprey said in our recent podcast. “In 2004, while walking around a frozen mountain in Tibet, a woman gave me a bowl of Yak Butter Tea. After I drank it, I felt like I had a video game level-up! Even with the high altitude and the cold, I felt amazing… and then I drank about 20 more cups that day. After that, I came back to the States and tried to make it myself and it was pretty terrible. After experimenting, I found that grass-fed butter was the secret ingredient because regular butter is made from cows who eat corn and soy. Lastly, I switched from tea to coffee – the key was understanding that not all coffee is created the same. So, for Bulletproof Coffee, I created a process to test for 27 different times of toxins to make sure that you don’t get jittery or tired. Lastly, I added a brain octane oil which helps give your body energy from ketones.”

11:00 am – Sitting Is The New Smoking

Doctors, research journals, even the World Health Organization agree: Sitting is the new smoking. A sedentary lifestyle may be to blame for a host of illnesses, from fatty liver disease to diabetes, even for people who work out regularly but spend too much time sitting. Sure, we live in a computer-based world, and we can’t always jump up from our desks for a quick jog. For adding activity to your day, it’s the little stuff that counts. Try these three no-sweat moves to do at a desk.

12:00 – Add An Avocado To Your Lunch

Today’s the day to let go of fat-phobia, and add some healthy fats, such as an avocado or a handful of almonds, to your lunch. If you’re not eating enough of these good-for-you fats, it will actually shortchange your body’s ability to create energy-producing hormones.

2:00 pm – Snack On An Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…but it also jolts your energy! Because apples are high in fiber, they take longer for your body to digest, which increases the amount of time that your body feels lifted. For an even more effective pick-me-up, eat your apple with a slice of cheese.

3:00 – Make Time For Magnesium

Magnesium is the mineral that improves cell efficiency, which allows your body to conserve energy. And, many women don’t get the daily recommended dose of 400 mg a day. A typical multivitamin will only have about 100 mg. Here’s a fun fact: one tablespoon of pumpkin seeds has as much magnesium as a whole banana and it delivers healthy fats at the same time.

4:00 pm – Shop For Bones

This year’s hottest energy drink is sweeping the nation, but surprisingly, it doesn’t contain any caffeine or kale, and has been a staple in your grandmother’s kitchen for ages. Women everywhere are heating up their stoves for a serving of the newest trend…bone broth. Grab my homemade recipe here.

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, M.D., author of the New York Times Best-Selling Book, Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet, says that the least expensive way to make bone broth is… “Just get a whole chicken carcass. It’s that simple. You can either get a cooked chicken and take the meat off OR you can get an uncooked chicken, cook the meat, then grab the bones. If you want some flavor in your bone broth, you just put some veggies in there (carrots, celery, onion) – I’m a big fan of seasoning with lemongrass. You cover it with about one inch of water and you put it in a stock pot or a slow cooker and just let it simmer (12-18 hours for beef and 6-12 hours for chicken). That’s it!”

6:00 pm – Savor Salmon

Salmon reigns king when it comes to its omega-3 fatty acids, but it also is packed with vitamin B6 riboflavin and niacin, which help turn food into fuel. Try my Broiled Salmon Dijonnaise recipe. It’s delicious and easy-to-make, and won’t take more than 20 minutes to make, including cooking time. So, enjoy!

8:00 pm – Rejuvenate With Yoga

Yoga is more than just a form of exercise. It also releases stress and gives you greater peace of mind. Of course, improved flexibility, range of motion, coordination, posture, concentration and circulation are amazing benefits, too! Before you slip into the sheets, try this 90 relaxing yoga clip using a wall and a chair. 

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