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How do we get maximum energy and maximum willpower? Today, we’re talking with Dave Asprey, is the creator of Bulletproof Coffee and he’s the host of the top-rated podcast, Bulletproof Radio. He’s one of the most unique people I’ve ever met and he has an intense desire to understand the human body and optimize its functions. Let’s go back a little bit. Back in 1979, I was having treatments at an Ayurvedic center in Los Angeles. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems and it’s based on the belief that wellness is based on the balance of body, mind, and spirit. The practitioners at the center recommended that I have this drink every morning – a hot tea with a few scoops of ghee (clarified butter). The prevailing thinking at the time was that fat simply wasn’t good for you – however, here we are thirty years later and we’ve got Dave Asprey and his Bulletproof Coffee.


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Let’s rewind, Dave. Where was the tipping point where you decided to take control of your health?

I was overweight as a teenager and continued to be overweight throughout my 20’s. I reached 300 pounds and had to have two knee surgeries. Once I decided to lose weight, I did what I thought you were supposed to do: I went to the gym six days a week for 18 months. Over that period of time, I got very strong, but I didn’t lose any of the weight! So, I had to examine what was happening and I started to experiment with my diet to see what I was doing wrong. Eventually, I cut out a bunch of carbs – including gluten – and my personality changed and I lost about 50 pounds in three months. It took me years to lose the last 50 pounds and that’s when I started to refine the Bulletproof Diet.

I’m sure you’ve read the recent New York Times article about The Biggest Loser contestants who, largely, had gained all of the weight back. Did you ever gain any weight back?

I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was a teenager and, while I’m down 200 pounds, I’m probably down 250 since my weight went up and down so much. There’s this hormone called ghrelin: research shows that if you cut calories or exercise more to lose weight, your ghrelin tells you how hungry to be. If you weigh 300 pounds, you’ll have the hunger of a 300 pound person. If you lose 50 pounds, you’ll still have the hunger of a 300 pound person. What resets ghrelin is  getting enough fat without carbohydrates present. So, if somebody had just told me to go a few days without eating any carbs, eat a lot of fat without too much protein, I could’ve reset my ghrelin and avoided all of the agony of my changing weight.

Can you take a moment and explain how fat works in conjunction with our health?

It turns out that some fat is good for you and some fat is bad for you. For example, saturated fat doesn’t appear to be bad for you – in fact, research just came out that showed that fat wasn’t only not bad for your heart, but that it could be helpful for Type II diabetes. I recommend on the Bulletproof Diet that people get 50%-70% of their calories from fat. That means a plate covered with vegetables, a moderate amount of protein, and tons of fat from the right sources like extra virgin olive oil, avocados, animal fats from grass-fed animals, dairy fat (butter, ghee), fish, and macadamia nuts. These things are natural in your brain – outside of water, fat is the most common thing within our body. If you want to give your body the best chance of success, it’s important to get the right stuff kind of stuff into our bodies!

When did you put together the idea for Bulletproof Coffee?

In 2004, while walking around a frozen mountain in Tibet, a woman gave me a bowl of Yak Butter Tea. After I drank it, I felt like I had a video game level-up! Even with the high altitude and the cold, I felt amazing… and then I drank about 20 more cups that day. After that, I came back to the States and tried to make it myself and it was pretty terrible. After experimenting, I found that grass-fed butter was the secret ingredient because regular butter is made from cows who eat corn and soy.

Lastly, I switched from tea to coffee – the key was understanding that not all coffee is created the same. So, for Bulletproof Coffee, I created a process to test for 27 different times of toxins to make sure that you don’t get jittery or tired. Lastly, I added a brain octane oil which helps give your body energy from ketones.

Could you use that brain octane oil anywhere or does it have to be in the coffee mixture?

It doesn’t have to be with the coffee mixture – I recommend a little bit with every meal. I’ve done this for years! I just finished lunch and I had some roast fennel and a salad with dressing made from brain octane, vinegar, and some avocados blended together. That brain octane completely takes away hunger for 4-6 hours! Literally, somebody could bring your favorite food – ice cream, pizza, muffins – and place it in front of you and you’ll have no desire to eat it.

True or false: You think you can live to be 180.

Absolutely true! Aging is death from a thousand cuts. I’ve spent the better part of 20 years focusing on all of the little things that make you stronger and working to remove the little things that make you weak. I’ve got a research institute beneath me that’s focusing on these issues and my goal is to create a world where my children live to be 250!

Dave, how can people find out the latest and greatest from you?

GO to www.bulletproofexec.com.

There’s the top-rated Bulletproof Radio on iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

And on September 23, 2016, we have the Bulletproof Conference for Biohacking. Check that out at www.bulletproofconference.com.

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