Your body has two adrenal glands, no bigger than the size of a walnut. But, these little guys can be the cause for one of your body’s most important functions…managing stress.

So if you’re wilting in the face of stress, or feeling burned out, it may be time to tend to your adrenals. There’s more to love in life than napping away the day! (Want to learn more about the symptoms and causes of adrenal fatigue? Click here.)

Although regular exercise is a go-to when it comes to physical and mental health, when you suffer from adrenal fatigue, it’s important to take it down a few notches. Adrenal fatigue can cause your energy levels to stoop really low, it’s important to choose activities that produce less stress on your body. Going for an all-out HIIT workout may give your body a quick jolt, but your endocrine system simply can’t afford to make the stress hormones that this requires. Instead, go for a gentle, steady-state walk. This will activate your circulation without putting excess stress on your system. Also, try to fit in your walk before your morning shower to jumpstart your metabolism.

Try this 5-minute walking video to help reset your adrenals so you can have the energy to live life with boundless energy.



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