Why Balance Training Is A Must!

It’s time to take your lower body training to the next level.

Imagine taking a basic move, like a lunge (which is one of the best functional exercises, because it works the body on multiple planes of motion, just like in every-day living and athletic events). Now, add a balance component.

By adding balance to basic moves such as lunges and squats, not only will you develop agility and coordination, you’ll see more definition in your legs, thighs and buns in less time.

I LOVE balance training. I believe it’s the most powerful way to make you feel more toned, centered, confident and youthful.

That’s why I developed the NEW 30-minute Body Balance DVD. This workout is split into two 15-minute routines to tighten and lift your lower body while restoring agility and coordination.

Balance discs are sold separately (but not required for the workout)

In today’s blog, I’ll show you an exclusive sneak peek of the DVD.

Body Balance DVD