Fitness Fads Come And Go, But STEP Is Here To STAY! Don’t believe me? Check out what women are saying…

“I still love to do step workouts regularly – because in all my years of running, climbing, weight lifting, pilates, TRX, Crossfit, cycling and more, NOTHING sculpts and tones the glutes and thighs quite like stepping.– Kathy Smith

“On my search for a toned tush, I discovered that it was all about inclines. Simply stepping UP helped me engage the glutes and hamstrings. As I’ve progressed, I’ve been able to raise the height of the step, which engages even more of my muscles.”

“I’m 130-pounds, and burn over 260 calories in 30 minutes during a moderate step workout!”

“Using Kathy Smith’s step workouts is my favorite way to lose weight!” – Laurie

“My favorite bikini-butt workout is stepping. I love that I can do it from the comfort of my living room and all I need is a simple step.”

“Kathy Smith’s step workouts are low impact and are easier on my knees than floor aerobics. My knees also appreciate Kathy’s step workouts, because the movements are controlled and precise which doesn’t add pain.” – Lynda

“I love popping in a step workout, because it targets the lower body from every possible angle. And you just can’t beat that feeling when that music kicks in and you start to recall that classic choreography!

“I’ve been doing Kathy’s step workouts for over 15 years. I loved them so much that now I teach step classes at the gym! Thank you, Kathy, for making me a lifetime lover of fitness.” – Katherine

Are YOU ready to torch fat and calories? Then it’s time to dust off a throwback piece of equipment that will help you do just that…the step! It’s one of the most versatile pieces of equipment.

Today, try this 10-min throwback step workout for “Great Buns and Thighs!” Let’s step it up!


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