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In the late ’80s, I was in Atlanta with 85,000 people for the “Supershow,” a Sporting Goods Industry Tradeshow where manufacturers from Nike to Wilson premiered their new products.

During the event, a friend mentioned a unique workout class being taught at a studio in Peachtree…a short ride from the Georgia World Congress Center. I jumped in the first taxi I could find and made my way to the class. When I walked in, I introduced myself to the instructor, Gin Miller.

The room was set up with 12-15 hand-made wooden boxes, and Gin was front and center ready to show off her new invention…the “step” class.

The workout began…stepping up and down on the box in different patterns…first the right leg, then the left leg, adding in some knees, arms and twists.

I left the class with a rush of endorphins, and thought to myself, “This is the most cutting-edge workout I’ve ever seen.”

Reebok and Gin later partnered together to create the step aerobic movement.

Ever since that day, step has been one of my favorite styles of at-home workouts. All it takes is placing your foot on a platform, and pushing up. It’s as simple as a workout can get. Then, the workout grows as you increase your speed, strength and stamina. Start adding in weights and arm movements, and it’s one heck of a workout that challenges your buns, thighs and arms.

In 1992, I created my first of four stepping workouts (Step Workout, Great Buns and Thighs, Power Step, and then Fat Burning Breakthrough). Each workout became a crowd favorite, because they featured new step-up variations to increase your belly-fat-zapping power and lean muscle definition.

Get ready to dust off your step (if you don’t have a step you can get one here) and workout old school with one of the most versatile workouts to tone your tush, thin your thighs and sculpt your arms and shoulders. This 10-minute routine will have you reaching for your sweatband, because this much cardio will get the sweat dripping! It might just end up being the highlight of your day.

“Kathy Smith’s step workouts are low impact and are easier on my knees than floor aerobics. My knees also appreciate Kathy’s step workouts, because the movements are controlled and precise which doesn’t add pain.” – Lynda

I get questions all the time about whether this workout is still available. So if you’re dusting off your VHS version, you’re in luck, because it’s available on DVD!


  • Timeless Step Workout – This is not your ordinary step routine! This best-selling workout Kathy’s Timeless Collection is a cardio-blasting step workout that includes a full-body weight training routine. It’s a perfect combo to accelerate your metabolism!
  • Fat Burning Breakthrough Step Workout – This outstanding step workout utilizes interval training to maximize fat burning. Alternate between cardio and weight training segments to build a slim, firm body in less time. (In The Power Step DVD)
  • Power Step Workout – Includes three powerful workout segments (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) that you can do separately or together according to your fitness level.
  • Great Buns and Thighs Step Workout – In this 50-minute step workout, you’ll get all the calorie-burning benefits of the best step-aerobic routine while toning your buttocks and legs for that lean and shapely look.

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