FREE 10-Minute Cardio Step Workout

Click here to watch the original version with Kathy’s instruction

The newest workout obsession may surprise you. That’s right, it’s time to DUST OFF YOUR STEP! From Extreme Hip Hop Step to Barry’s Bootcamp, step aerobics are being incorporated into the most popular classes across the nation.

Today, I’ve taken a 10-min clip of my classic step videos, Fat Burning Breakthrough, and added a dance music twist. Because there’s no instruction on the workout, you might want to watch it once before you try it!

Why are people taking notice again?

  • Less time, more results! Studies have shown that 1 hour of step aerobics is roughly equal to running 7 miles.
  • Get dancing! Adding new music makes it feel like a dance class!
  • Who wants great looking legs and a lifted fanny? Step workouts are one of the best ways to tone your tush and legs in the fastest time.
  • Gets an A++ for strengthening your heart, lungs and bones.
  • Unbelievably easy on your joints!

Plus, I love stepping because it’s versatile…You can also use the step as a bench for strength training or sculpt your buns doing elevated lunges.


“Kathy Smith’s step workouts really get my heart pumping! Great workouts!” – Andrea

“I’ve been doing Kathy’s step workouts for over 15 years. I loved them so much that now I teach step classes at the gym! Thank you, Kathy, for making me a lifetime lover of fitness.” – Katherine

“Using Kathy Smith’s step workouts is my favorite way to lose weight!” – Laurie

“Kathy Smith’s step workouts are low impact and are easier on my knees than floor aerobics. My knees also appreciate Kathy’s step workouts, because the movements are controlled and precise which doesn’t add pain.” – Lynda