It’s an exciting time here in Park City. The Sundance Film Festival is quickly approaching and I’m looking forward to catching some movies. I can’t wait to see Josh Radnor’s “Liberal Arts” – set at Kenyon College, where my daughter Perrie goes to school. I’m also looking forward to getting outside to ski!

My love of the outdoors is one of the many reasons I’m devoted to strength training. That’s why I’ve always said: “There’s no fountain of youth.” But strength training is the closest thing we’ve got. It gives you the energy and, well, the strength to enjoy life and all the gifts it has to offer.

There’s a process I call “The Great Decline.” When we hit 30 years we start losing muscle mass. And, at every decade the speed of loss increases. The trick to reversing this decline? You guessed it: Strength training. Here’s why:

  • Strength training maintains muscle mass.
  • Strength training helps prevent osteoporosis.
  • Strength training helps prevent diabetes.
  • Strength training improves heart health.

Not convinced yet? Strength training also boosts your metabolism. That means you can burn more fat, more easily, in less time.

So if you have any misconceptions about strength training that are preventing you from reaping all these benefits, let’s nip that in the bud right now. Time to bust a few Myths Of Strength Training:

1. You gotta have weights. 
Strength training doesn’t have to mean “weight lifting.” Dumbbells are classic, but you can sculpt and tone your way to a new body using tubing, kettlebells, or even your own body weight.

2. One move at a time. 
With strength training, it’s more effective to work multiple muscle groups at once. Many great exercises exist that tone the shoulders, arms, abs, buns, and legs simultaneously. That means you burn more calories in less time, in one total body workout.

3. You’re going to get big and bulky. 
 Women just don’t have enough testosterone to develop a bodybuilder’s physique. Strength training has a very different effect — creating the sculpted, toned look we all want.

So the message is pretty clear: Regardless of your age or shape, the time to start strength training is NOW. Get started today, and in no time you’ll be ready for the red carpet at Sundance. Or I may even see you on the slopes!