The HAPPINESS Solution

Life is all about choices. Specifically, choosing to be healthier and happier, more fit, and more self-satisfied. These are the most profound choices you’ll ever make, because they have the power to change everything else in your life, including personal relationships.

We all make choices every day: Now or later? Here or there? Him or her? This or that? Should I or shouldn’t I? Even when we’re unaware of the choices, or don’t recognize them as such, they’re still there to be made — and we’re still making them.

And while it’s true that we may not choose our circumstances at any given moment, we do absolutely choose our reaction to those circumstances. We can put the best face on our situation or our worst. We can look on the bright side or on the dark side We can start doing something today — learning a new skill, for example — that just may turn tomorrow into a more wonderful and fulfilling day than today.

In our daily struggle for self-satisfaction and contentment, choice is our most powerful weapon. Every day, choices supply us with the power to make our lives better. Choose wisely. ❤