Summer Emergency 911
How to burn fat — fast! 


Like the holidays, summer always seems to sneak up on us. After all of our preparation, in spite of our best intentions (and the inevitable racket about getting “swimming suit ready,”) we’re suddenly in the thick of it. Perhaps we didn’t meet all of our health and fitness goals – but that doesn’t stop us from heading to the beach or the pool and enjoying the gorgeous weather. It’s not too late – it’s just a minor emergency. And like most emergencies, the easiest solution is 9-1-1:

9 Fat-Burning Food Tricks:

1. Shake it!
A good protein powder isn’t just the foundation for delicious smoothies – it’s a cornerstone of a quick fat burning food plan, since you’ll use it as a meal substitute. I recommend a whey-based powder that’s low in sugar and free of artificial sweeteners. And here’s the classic recipe:

Kathy’s Classic Protain Shake Recipe
– 1 C ice
– Protein powder
– 1 serving of frozen berries
– 1 T. flax oil
– 4 oz of unsweetened almond milk

Mix together in a blender and enjoy!
More protein shake recipes are available in my 30 Days of Summer E-Book. 


2. Eat smaller meals more frequently.
It’s not just what you eat – it’s when you eat. So try eating 4 meals a day. The aforementioned tasty smoothie will be two of those meals. The other two meals should consist of a lean protein like (grilled chicken or salmon) with some veggies and olive oil. My favorite recipes can all be found in my ReShape Weight Loss System.



3. Shake off the salt.
Even though the American Heart Association recommends that we have 1,500 mg/day of salt (down from the previous 2,300 mg), Americans are still averaging 3,000 to 5,000 daily. Extra salt leads to water retention and bloating, so use restraint when cooking, and always check the labels of packaged foods. A good rule of thumb: If the sodium content is higher than the number of calories, put it back on the shelf!



4. Fill up on fiber.
Refined carbs (which generally lack fiber) are quickly digested, which leads to a spike in insulin, which can lead to fat storage. That’s one of the reasons veggies are so important – their high-fiber content helps with elimination, and helps you feel fuller longer, which reduces the chance that you’ll overeat.



5. Ditch the diet soda! 
You should be chugging a pretty consistent amount of water right now – but avoid the temptation to sneak in a diet soda during this process. They tend to fill the belly with air (the last thing we want this time of year), not to mention that they’re a source of unwanted sodium and chemicals.
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6. Spice it up
Get creative with your cooking, adding in herbs that are great for digestion. Ginger is a well-known stomach aid, while peppermint and parsley can have a diuretic effect by actually helping to relax your intestines.



7. Pump up the protein 
As I mentioned above, protein plays an important role in healthy weight loss. It helps build lean muscle tissue, improves recovery from workouts, stabilizes blood sugar, helps you avoid cravings, and makes you feel less hungry between meals.



8. Get wet
Water makes up 68 to 72 percent of our blood. And being fully hydrated is one of the most basic secrets to weight loss.

Two major benefits of being hydradted:
– It helps your metabolism function properly and transports molecules, including the fat we are trying to burn.
– If you want to burn fat, it must be able to travel out of the body. Water helps provide that vehicle.



9. Map out your menu
For an in-depth description of my fast track fat-burning program, including a complete recipe guide (the ultimate answer to a summer 911) with me coaching you along the journey, join my ReShape Weight Loss System.



1 Fat Burning Move You Can Try NOW

Time to focus on some emergency fitness solutions. Some call the “Burpee” the single best move you can do to get fit. Combining fat-blasting cardiovascular power with a sculpting workout for your shoulders, arms, legs and glutes, the Burpee brings new meaning to the term “compound exercise.” For a quick and easy home tutorial on the Burpee with yours truly, watch the video below:

1 Workout To Full-Body Fitness

If you like the “all-in-one” aspect of a move like the Burpee, you’ll love the effectiveness and efficiency of Kettlebell training. Kettlebell workouts take that killer combination (full-body sculpting plus fat-burning cardio) to a whole new level, providing a complete toning, stretching, strengthening, weight loss and wellness system. Try my Kettlebell Solution – it’s the ultimate 911 response to your summer fitness emergency.

Here’s to your health!