Strong Is The New Skinny

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There’s no doubt about it… our culture and media place way too much importance on being thin. Sure, it feels good to look in the mirror and delight at your svelte figure but healthy weight management is important for a variety of reasons, including warding off disease and staying healthy. However, let’s also not forget the power of being strong and building muscle. It’s time we all make a collective shift toward being strong. Here’s why:

  • It’s the fountain of youth. We’ve only got one life – and who doesn’t want to live it to the fullest? Of course there really is no fountain of youth or magic pill. But getting strong is the closest thing we’ve got. Strength helps us live life on our own terms because it gives us the energy we need to enjoy all of life’s gifts. Whether it’s playing golf, exploring a new city or trying a new activity like tai chi or yoga, strength creates a physical foundation that helps us achieve our dreams.A recent Tufts study showed we can increase strength by 110% in ten weeks by following a simple strength workout program. No one in the test group bulked up – they simply trained the muscles they already had. And the best part: the median age of participants was over 70! So, strength training really can turn back the clock. One of the best things about living in Park City, Utah is seeing people of all ages hit the slopes, thanks to their strength. It’s so inspiring!
  • Strength Training is a life saver. There’s a process I call “The Great Decline,” referring to the loss of muscle mass that begins around age 30, and accelerates with every year. The trick to reversing it is strength training. It maintains muscle mass, improves heart health, helps prevent osteoporosis, diabetes and a host of other illnesses.
  • It’s not about the gym. You need strength in so many areas of your life beyond the confines of formal exercise – hoisting kids, lifting groceries, putting bags in the overhead compartment on a plane – and the good news is, you don’t always have to go to a gym to get that strength. I created my Lift Weights To Lose Weight Kit for that very reason: you don’t have to go to the gym…you can strength train at home!

So, look at your body in the mirror and rejoice at its strength. Remember, it’s the new skinny and it’s time we all make that collective shift.