My Latest Exercise To Tone Your Thighs
(while preventing osteoporosis!)

People ask me about the best exercise to tone your thighs almost as much as they ask about the best exercises to lose belly fat.  Your “adductors” are the inner thighs – an area often overlooked in normal workouts (unless you’re a speed skater). Adductor machines are great for targeting this area (which can be found in most gyms), but if you don’t have access to one, you can activate this area whether you’re standing in line at the bank or talking on the telephone at home.

Try this now:  Stand normally, feet parallel and hip-width apart, abdominals tight, and shoulders back.  Without changing the angle of your feet, try to slide your feet together simply by using the muscles in your inner thigh – and simultaneously try not to tighten your glute muscles. Your feet won’t move. As you practice this, you can actually feel the action beginning all the way down in the soles of your feet, activating those thigh muscles and also helping you stand a little taller.

The trick to toning your hard-to-target inner thigh muscles and feeling sexy in your summerwear is adding a few simple strength training moves into your daily routine. Strength training can help you firm up your thighs, and as an added bonus, it also reduces your risk of osteoporosis.


But, strength training doesn’t have to look like dumbbells. Instead, it can be achieved through any form of resistance training, one of my favorite methods being tubing. When you combine the toning benefits of tubing with a fat-blasting workout routine, you can start loving your lower body like never before.

Adding some resistance to classic moves, like leg lifts, helps you take results to the next level.  That’s one of the many benefits of tubing – it allows you to target areas that aren’t as engaged when you’re doing simple front/back movements.

Check out this two-minute clip of two of my favorite tubing exercises to tone your thighs:
Clip from the DVD in my Stay Firm Lower Body Kit

The benefits of tubing are seemingly endless and go beyond losing weight. Tubing is even one of the best activities to prevent osteoporosis, which is a major concern for post-menopausal women because of the significant drop in estrogen that occurs at this age. This drop in estrogen prevents calcium from being absorbed into our bones. The way to increase bone mass and tighten inner thighs is simple – add strength training to your routine 3 days each week.

SF_LowerBodyFor a quick & easy tubing workout to strengthen your inner thigh muscles at home, buy my Stay Firm Lower Body Kit today – the two 15 minute tubing workouts will tighten those thighs and lift your bottom, so don’t be surprised when you notice less jiggle in your thighs and lift if your butt! And there’s no need to buy a tube – I’ve included it in your kit so you can get started right away!