Myths About Muscle

MYTH #1:

If I build up my muscles and then stop training, my muscle will all turn to fat.


Muscle doesn’t literally turn to fat; they’re completely different kinds of tissue. If you stop training, the muscle will gradually waste away, and fat may start to accumulate simply because your body is using fewer calories. The solution: don’t stop training!

MYTH #2:

I’m overweight, but I gain muscle easily and strength training will just make me bulkier.


Your body only has one way to get rid of fat, and that’s to burn it. The more muscle you have, the easier it is for your body to burn fat. Although a little extra muscle might make you feel larger at first, it’s the fastest way to get your weight down and ensure a shapely, toned physique.

MYTH #3:

Lifting weights will make me appear masculine.


Muscle mass naturally peaks for women in their  twenties. Would you say 20-year-old women look more “masculine” than women in their forties who’ve lost much of that muscle? Think of weight training as simply a way to recapture the shapely firmness that age-related muscle loss takes away. Your genetic makeup and a moderate approach to training will ensure that you won’t gain excessive bulk.

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