This week, I asked my Facebook fans what their #1 struggle was with losing weight. The point was made loud and clear…there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to workout!

Which is why I’ve developed today’s slim & fit express routine. In only a few minutes, you’ll learn total-body toning moves that will leave your thighs and triceps looking strong.

Life is hectic for all of us – but who doesn’t have at least 10 extra minutes a day? In fact, when we really evaluate our time, most of us have several pockets of 10 minutes scattered throughout the day. Try a new workout in segments that will fit your busy schedule, like the ones provided on my Rejuvenation Energize & Restore Kit. This is an excellent solution to make sure you have “no-excuses” to workout this week.

energize-and-restore-dvd_2The Energize & Restore DVD includes three 10-minute workouts that will enliven your body and stretch every muscle group from head to toe.

Energize & Restore Includes:

– 10-min Core Renewal to target abs and strengthen your core

– 10-min AM-Energizer to increase circulation and ease morning muscle and joint stiffness

– 10-min PM-Unwind to relax the mind and body for a restful night’s sleep.

Only $9.99!