FREE 10-Minute Indoor Walking Workout

It’s True…You Can Create Flat Abs By WALKING!

  • Power Walk For Weight Loss DVD – 30-Minute indoor walk that uses light hand weights to sculpt and tone your upper body while you walk. Plus, includes a bonus 10-minute no-crunch zone ab routine to define your core without a single crunch
  • NEW Fat Burning Walking DVD – a 45-minute indoor walking workout that incorporates my breakthrough method to tone and define your entire body! Walk off the weight easier and faster than you thought possible!
  • 3-Volume outdoor Lean Walk Audio Mp3 is designed to help you break through your plateaus, with fun music, motivational coaching, and maximum variety for maximum calorie burning.
  • 2-volume outdoor Walk Fit Audio MP3 is the perfect way to burn fat, because it combines steady state walking routines with interval “burst” training workouts. With energizing music and my coaching techniques, you can maximize the calorie burn of every step!