What is it?

Interval training, also known as “burst training,” is cardio exercise that uses “bursts” of activity at high-intensity for a period of time, followed by low-intensity exercise for a period of time.

What’s so great about Interval Training?

  • Interval training increases your fitness level. It’s all about your “lactate threshold” – the point when your body produces more lactic acid than it can clear away, and you start to feel “the burn.” Slow & steady cardio training never stretches that limit. But intervals train your aerobic system to clear lactic acid better, so in time, you can comfortably work harder and burn even more calories, even on your slow days.
  • It makes your cardio a whole lot more exciting. Intervals break up the monotony by giving you something to look forward to. Best of all: It causes your body to shoot a burst of feel-good hormones into the blood stream, compensating for the extra physical push.
  • It sheds intramuscular fat. Do you have a zone of stubborn fat on the butt, the gut, or the thighs? It’s called intramuscular fat, or visceral fat. Your typical humdrum cardio sessions can’t touch this fat store. The key to reducing it is interval training.
  • It raises the calorie count of your workouts, AND raises your metabolism for several hours afterward.

So next time you’re out for a walk, try it.  Do a quick warm-up, go at a steady state pace, and then go for a burst of intensity, whether it’s 90 seconds or 3 minutes – push it out and then recover. And, keep repeating that cycle – push, recover. Push, recover. Incorporate this into your cardio routine a few times a week, and before you know it, you’ll “burst” away that belly fat.

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