1 Surprising Way To Look Younger


Whether we’re 30 or 60, having natural vitality ranks with weight loss as the #1 concern for women. Feeling, and ideally looking younger, starts with understanding what’s happening at a cellular level as we age. There’s a 100% all-natural “wonder drug” I’d like to recommend for that. It is FREE and it’s scientifically proven to help you combat stress, make you smarter, faster, happier, and ultimately look years younger. In today’s blog, I’ll teach you the secret behind regaining the fountain of youth!

One important aspect of any successful workout plan is based on a wonder drug. Yes, you read that correctly: There’s a wonder drug I’d like to recommend. It’s a drug that won’t just help you lose weight. It will also help you combat stress. It will make you smarter, faster, happier, and might even make you look years younger. Ready to start taking this magic little pill? Well, it’s called cardio – also known as cardiovascular or aerobic exercise.

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How Cardio Makes You Younger:

There’s an important relationship between cardio and our chromosomes. And at the center of that relationship is something called telomeres. Telomeres are the bits of DNA found on the tips of our chromosomes. And these little DNA bits are incredibly important; in 2009, several scientists won the Nobel Prize for discovering the true function of telomeres. When we experience physical and mental stress, telomeres start to erode, which kills cells and leads to premature aging, while also damaging our immune systems. So, to break it down for you: Shorter telomeres, bad. Longer telomeres, good.

And how do you lengthen those telomeres? A few years ago, German scientists studied telomeres in middle-aged people, and how those telomeres were affected by running. Now, the study found that if you lead a sedentary lifestyle from, say, age 20 to age 60, where you hardly exercise at all, you lose about 75% of your telomeres over the years. That means your body is aging, and you’re facing everything that comes with aging, both inside and outside the body. But in this German study, they found that middle-aged people who jogged on a regular basis had almost the same amount of telomeres as people half their age! So, thanks to the effects of cardio exercise on our telomeres, a group of 60 year olds were able to achieve the bodies of 30 year olds. The doctors who led the study were quoted as saying that those people all behaved and looked years younger than people their same age who didn’t exercise.

Bottom line: If you want to lengthen your telomeres so you can feel and look years younger….It’s time to start a cardio routine! Before you get out for your power walk or run this morning, try this 6-minute energizer from my Total Body Lift Barre Workout! Once you learn the moves, you can pick up the pace and use it as your cardio routine!


High-intensity cardio helps transform your body into a calorie-burning machine. For example: Research on bicycling shows that when you increase your speed so that you’re exercising at 70% of your “VO2 max” (the amount of oxygen you take in during exercise), you could burn 300 to 700 calories after your workout is over.

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