Busting Through The Energy Slump!

The truth is, being ageless is all about having energy. In our over-stimulated, tired-and-wired world, our natural rhythms of vibrancy can easily be lost. If you take a few minutes in the morning to move your body, you can dramatically improve your stamina for the day. 

Here’s a 2-minute energizer using a simple household item that will curb your exhaustion boost your energy. It’s a guaranteed pick-me-up, and all you need is a towel. 

And…If you’re ready to say “SEE YA!” to the afternoon slump, don’t miss this podcast with  New York Times best-selling author Dr. Alan Christiansen, because he spills all the tips on how to protect your energy and honor your body’s natural rhythms. Plus, he spills the tea about the best DIY tonics to sip into summer vibrantly.

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I’ve created a special package that has my TOP THREE most popular programs in it.  Each of these programs sells individually on my main website for $12.99 each.

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Here’s what you add this to your order today:

Barre Body Lift

This dance-inspired workout uses a series of small, concentrated movements designed to lift, tighten and sculpt your hard-to-reach muscles.

You get four 15-minute workouts that target your arms, legs, abs, and glutes.  These short workouts are perfect if you’re crazy busy and find it a challenge to squeeze in some exercise.

Pop in one of these to start your day, or even after dinner and you’re good to go!

You get:

  • 15 Min Upper Body Lift: Tone and tighten your arms, shoulders, and chest.
  • 15 Min Leg Lift: Uses a series of Barre-style squats, curls and lifts to create slender, lean legs.
  • 15 Min Butt Lift: Lift and reshape your tush with a combination of standing exercises and floor work.
  • 15 Min Tummy Lift: Cinch your waistline with these core-conditioning exercises.

Better Yet… listen to the results one of our customers got from following along:

“I shed over 200 pounds, and part of my program was doing the Barre Body Lift workout!”

– Jennifer

Staying Strong (to Stay Young!)

Follow along to these inspiring workouts as you shape lean muscles, increase your bone density and create the youthful, healthy body you deserve.

Staying Strong is perfect for staying young.

You get four 15-min workouts and a very special bonus 12 minute stretching routine.

Not only will this workout help to keep you looking and feeling great… but I also include a special “Q&A” session where you will learn how you can modify different moves to perfectly suit your needs and fitness level.  (You will need a few light hand weights to get the best results.)

Lift Weights to Lose Weight

This Lift Weights To Lose Weight DVD helps to tone your muscles and boost your metabolism.  With two 20 minute workouts, you will get your heart pumping and burn calories fast!

  • You get two segments that focus on upper body and lower body to help strengthen and tone both your arms and your legs.
  • You also get a bonus 10 minute abs routine to help you get that flat tummy!

The only thing you’ll need are a few light hand weights and a some space in your favorite room.

This effective and fun weight DVD will help you strengthen and tone muscles so you can finally lose that stubborn weight!

Retail Price $ 38.97

Special Sale Price $ 25.34

YOU SAVE $ 13.63

They’re short, fun and will keep you motivated and moving all year long!