Avoid The Energy Vamps!

What’s the secret for endless energy? It’s simple. All you have to do is relax. Yes, it seems like a contradiction. But when you think about it, the concept of “energy” has been misrepresented over the years. The trick is to find a level of calm energy that we can maintain throughout the day, and even throughout our lives. To amp up your afternoon energy, try the 80-second clip below! 

80-Second Energy-Boosting Routine

Use a small exercise ball for this sequence. If you don’t have access to one, roll up a bath towel and squeeze between your legs.

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3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels:

  1. Multiply Your Magnesium Intake
    A study from the Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center confirmed that women with low magnesium levels have to work harder at physical tasks than they do when their magnesium levels are up to par. Of course, working harder can leave you feeling depleted, so having an adequate amount of magnesium in your system is important.Magnesium is used for breaking down glucose into energy. It’s recommended that women have 300 mg a day, and men have 350 mg a day. Two  easy ways to increase your magnesium levels are by adding a handful of cashews or almonds into your diet and eating more fish (particularly halibut).
  2. Start Pacing
    Blood flows more sluggishly when you’re sitting. Studies show that taking just a 10-minute brisk walk increases your energy for up to 2 hours afterward. If you’re ready to turn your walk into a workout, click here for my top-selling walking audios that you can download to your smartphone, iPod or Mp3 player.  If you can’t get outside, get up and move around! Even simply standing up will increase your circulation.
  3. Stop The Confusion
    It’s easy to confuse the feelings of thirst and fatigue. Next time you’re feeling tired, try drinking a glass of water instead! When you feel your energy levels dropping, grab a glass of water flavored with fresh lemons, limes, oranges or my new favorite….Unsweetened Bhakti Chai! 
  4. Take a Test
    If you’re constantly low on energy and feel sluggish, even after plenty of sleep, then it’s time to talk to your doctor. Thyroid deficiencies can be an issue for women, especially during perimenopause. A simple blood test can diagnose the situation, and thyroid medication can get your energy levels up to speed.
  5. Try A Cucumber Boat
    Snacking is a way to keep your blood sugars balanced and prevent mid-afternoon energy zaps. Snacking on a  treat that combines protein, a little fat, and fiber is the winning combination. A few good choices are: peanut butter with apple, Icelandic plain yogurt with a handful of almonds, or cucumber boats. The carbs offer a quick energy boost, the protein helps maintain the energy, and the fat keeps you satisfied.