Be Honest, Be Healthy

With President’s Day upon us (not to mention an election around the corner), the subject of honesty is a pretty hot topic. Most of us have never chopped down our father’s cherry tree, and many of us tell the truth on a pretty regular basis. But, when it comes to being healthy and losing weight, being honest with ourselves can be a real challenge.

Remember: A healthy body is an honest body. So, here are a few tips on losing weight and shaping up… the straightforward and truthful way:

  • Start at the beginning. Take stock of where you are, right now, in this moment. You can’t what happened in the past and can’t change everything at once, so take on one habit at a time. For example, rather than thrust yourself into a diet overhaul spend a few days focusing on swapping soda for water – nothing more, nothing less. Once that starts to feel natural, you can move onto the next habit (eating more veggies, less sugar, etc). Remember, you’re building a whole new house here, one brick at a time.
  • Set a goal. Here’s where that honesty comes into play. As you set goals for yourself, dig deep, and reflect on your big-picture motivation for being healthy. For most of us, it’s not just about losing 10 pounds. It’s about lowering body fat levels, strengthening muscles, protecting the heart and preventing disease so we can enjoy longer, fuller lives with our loved ones. How’s that for an exciting goal?
  • Keep a journal. This might just be the most important tip because keeping a food journal holds you accountable to yourself and keeps you on track. And sure, it’s a deceptively simple process: Whatever you eat, drink, or even snack on, jot it down. But a few years ago, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine released a study showing that keeping a food diary is a key element to losing weight and being healthy. The participants who kept a daily journal lost twice as much weight as those who didn’t. You may find that one of the biggest revelations in your journal is your food portions. It might be tedious, but take the time to do some measuring and weighing of your food – you’ll be amazed how often we overestimate what a healthy serving size should be. Want to try for yourself? Click here for a free downloadable journal of your own.
  • Know yourself. Exercise, of course, is an important part of the equation. But the key to making it stick is choosing a routine that matches your personality. If you’re an introvert, you might prefer a solitary walk over a loud (and public) salsa class. Or if you’re easily overwhelmed, you need a system that takes the guesswork out of exercise. That’s why I created my Body Blast Solution. With 14 workout routines, a nutrition and wellness guide, and a set of easy-to-use equipment, this kit is a complete home gym.

So regardless of your age, weight, or lifestyle, don’t wait and make real (and honest) changes today.