5 Reasons To Train With Kettlebells

1. Total Body Workout

Work your arms, legs, core and butt all in one motion. With one kettlebell, you can sculpt and define your entire body.  I love using kettlebells, because you can use them for a variety of compound exercises that use different muscle groups. So, you get more bang for your buck while getting rid of troubled areas.

2. You Were Made To

Unlike other types of training, Kettlebell workouts require you to move the way your body was meant to move. None of us simply go forward and backward, left to right. We move in different planes of motion, incorporating multiple joints and muscle groups. As we reach, bend, twist, swing and lean our way through life, using a full range of motion, we recruit not just the obvious muscle groups (the arms, the shoulders and the glutes), but we also use the stabilizer muscles throughout our core and midsections. Kettlebell training tackles all of those areas in less time.

3. Burn Maximum Calories

The high-repetition, full-body movements used in kettlebell workouts provide the fat-burning, heart-healthy benefits of aerobic exercise. First used in the early 20th Century by Russian bodybuilders, Kettlebells have only recently become popular in mainstream American fitness.

4. For All Fitness Levels

Kettlebells aren’t just for the hulking bodybuilders you’ve seen hoisting heavy weights at the gym. Regardless of your fitness level (or age or gender), you can still reap the sculpting, fat-burning benefits of kettlebell training using lighter weights. The swinging, twisting and rotating movements used can provide a nice challenge when you’re just getting started, so it’s important to begin with lighter weights. Not only will you master this new style of exercise with proper form, but you’ll begin to see those love handles melt away.

5. Bye Bye, Back Pain

Back pain can be blamed on a host of causes: from muscle imbalance to bad posture, from weight issues to sleeping position. But, experts agree that he real solution lies, quite literally, at the core. That’s where we create stability in our bodies and where all movement originates. The kettlebell is a great tool for strengthening your core. First, these handy weights engage your center throughout every movement, which not only protects you from injury, but turns every exercise into a sculpting, toning, waist-whittler. When you start to strengthen your core, you’re already on the road to a better back.