4 Bikini Bottom Exercises that Kick Butt

The “Brazilian Butt” craze is a hot trend in the fitness world, with a host of DVDs and infomercials based solely on the concept of getting the “Brazilian Butt.” So what is it about this one area that seems to have captured the world’s attention?

Whether you’re lucky enough to visit the beaches of San Paulo or you’re simply doing a quick google search, one thing catches the eye: those backsides! Women there are known for their high, lifted, well-toned derrieres (hence the buzz around the rear-ends in that region). But you don’t have to live there to look great in your bikini.

Check out the video for some butt burning moves:


Here are some more tips that will get you ready for the summer bikini season.


  • Feel the burn! Any amount of exercise is a good thing – but with increased effort comes an increase in benefits. Vigorous exercise produces an afterburn effect, and here’s how powerful it can be: In one study, participants did an hour of exercise at 75-80% of their maximum heart rate. Not only did they burn plenty of calories during the workout, but they burned an extra 200 in the 14 hour period after they were done. So whether it’s ramping up the speed on your next walk or adding intensity to your subsequent cycling class, make sure you feel the burn. (Just don’t forget your SPF!)
  • Go big! So maybe “going big” isn’t usually the goal that comes to mind when you’re tightening the buns – but it’s about knowing, and working, the largest muscles in the body: The legs. Start with dynamic compound exercises, like these:

The walking lunge: Find an open area, grab some light dumbbells, and click here! Working this muscle group not only tones and shapes the hamstrings, quadriceps and, of course, the glutes – it also ramps up your calorie burn and boosts metabolism.

Penny in the pocket. This is one of my favorites. Stand tall with your right foot forward of your left by about 12 inches, knees slightly bent. Using the left arm, pretend there’s a penny on the floor, and bend over to pick it up and put it in your pocket. As you do this your left foot will either tap the floor for balance (if you’re a beginner) or hover over the floor (for intermediate/advanced). Be sure to keep your spine straight throughout the move.

  • Next…Go vertical! When it comes to a toned tush, it’s all about inclines. Anytime you step up onto a platform or move uphill, you engage the glutes and hamstrings – and the higher the step, the greater the engagement of muscles. So, on your next outdoor walk, make sure you hit some slopes in order to reap the benefits of vertical training. (In my home-away-from-home, Santa Monica, California, there’s a popular exercise tradition at the 10th Street stairs, which is exactly what it sounds like.) Or, if you’re near a stadium, try hitting the bleachers, taking the stairs one at a time, and then two at a time to really define the derriere.  Check out these butt-blasting moves you can do right now as you read – all you need is a simple step.
  • And then…Go small! Don’t forget the importance of isometrics. One of the tricks I’ve learned from bodybuilder friends over the years is that you can work the glutes anytime, anywhere. When you’re standing in line, or talking on the phone, imagine trying to squeeze a dollar bill between the buns, and change up your squeeze intensity – from a Level 1 (for a light lift) to a Level 5 (for a serious squeeze).
  • Go home! Make home a bikini-butt-friendly environment. Start by creating a kick-butt home workout system so that you can get great glutes from the comfort of your living room, whenever it’s convenient. My Step Workout Solution can give you everything you need. Check it out!