3 Secrets to Slim Down Belly Fat

SECRET #1: Don’t eat less. Eat better.

When you’re trying to lose weight, a typical mantra is “eat less, move more.” It’s a decent principle to follow; after all, when you cut back on calories and exercise more, chances are good that you’re going to see some positive changes in your body.

But let’s take a closer look at that mantra – first, the “eat less” portion. As a new study from Harvard suggests, when it comes to calories, the key isn’t just quantity. We also must consider quality.

It all boils down to this: 100 calories of sugary soda or potato chips will affect your body differently than 100 calories of spinach or apple slices. There are several factors at play here: sugar and the unwanted insulin spikes; fiber and its role in waste elimination; vitamin and mineral content; and our bodies’ struggle to digest highly-processed foods.

That’s why I’ve never been much of a calorie counter. While it’s important to know how calorically dense your food is (and we should eat most of those processed foods very sparingly), the bigger lesson here is that a diet that’s high in veggies, fiber, and lean proteins (and low in sugar, trans fats, and processed foods) is always a great formula for weight loss success. That’s the main principle outlined in my book, Feed Muscle Shrink Fat (just one of several bonuses included in my Body Sculpt Kit for 60% off): choosing the right foods for real results.

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My book, Feed Muscle, Shrink Fat will teach you how to keep muscles strong and active by eating the right foods and doing the right combination of exercises.

Squat Exercise

SECRET #2: Don’t exercise more. Exercise right.

The quality vs. quantity concept also applies to exercise. Start by making some tiny adjustments to the moves that you may already be doing, and you can transform your workout from endless to effective.

Take these two for example:

The Squat:
Revamp this classic move by focusing on your feet. Standing with your feet wider-than-hip-width, imagine that you’re digging the outside of the foot into the ground, from your pinky toe all the way back to your heel. Keeping your feet firmly planted, imagine your drawing your inner thighs together as you lower into the squat. These minor adjustments will make a world of difference, and you’ll notice that you feel the burn in a higher section of your glutes – and who doesn’t want to shape that area up?

Squat Exercise

The Crunch:
Abdominal exercises are easy to “phone in.” You can do dozens of repetitions, but without practicing good form, you won’t reap the benefits. The trick is in the “down” portion of the move. Here’s why: When we crunch, we always think of coming UP. But when we focus on the DOWN (lowering) part of the exercise, we engage our abs on a deeper level, which then really allows you to feel the squeeze when you come back up. And, here’s another deal-maker for perfecting the crunch: When you lower down, don’t let your shoulder blades touch the floor or ball. Add the workout ball from my Body Sculpt Kit, and say goodbye to belly fat.

Squat Exercise

SECRET #3: Always Pack Your Weapons…

There are certain tools that make exercise simply more effective, which means it takes less time to get results – and that’s why I created the Body Sculpt Kit. Why go to the gym when you can have all the equipment you need in the comfort of your own home?

Weapon 1: Resist it:
No, don’t resist exercise…a set of adjustable resistance tubes help you burn more calories and tone more muscle groups in less time. Fitting a figure 8 tube, stretching strap or total body resistance tube into a suitcase or purse is easy, so there’s no excuse to not get a little workout in throughout the day or while on vacation.

Weapon 2: Get rolling:
A workout ball is a deceptively simple piece of equipment and is ideal for all types of training. Whether you’re doing toning exercises or simply sitting at your desk, you can squeeze it between your knees to activate your inner thighs and strengthen your core. Grab your ball and and pop in my Healthy Abs & Back DVD to get started!

Weapon 3: Throw in a mixer:
Keep your body guessing, and working harder, by changing your workouts often. The Body Sculpt Kit contains 2 of my DVDs, totaling 5 workouts, so your body never knows what to expect.

Weapon 4: Think long and lean
Stretch bands are key to increasing your flexibility and range of motion. Multiple loops allow for easy stretching for any body type or flexibility level. Grab yours and get stretching!

The results are just around the corner. You can do it!

Here’s to your health,

Squat Exercise