The 4 Truths for a Terrific Tummy

One question I am asked again and again — is it possible to have flat abs over the age of 40? My answer is always the same: No… not unless you begin to understand and implement the 4 Tummy Truths. Stick to these guidelines and you’ll get a midsection that’s flatter, tighter, and seemingly ageless.

Truth # 1: Having a strong core is a matter of life and death

Okay, perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but abdominals aren’t just for show. Our stomach muscles play a key role in supporting our backs, protecting our bodies from injury, and allowing us to perform daily functions. A recent Mayo Clinic study showed that people who carry extra weight around their waists (core) – even those with a healthy weight and body mass index – are at greater risk for coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Truth # 2: You can stop with the sit-ups

Traditional crunches do have their value – they’re great for helping to define the stomach muscles, especially the rectus abdominus (the part of our abs that can form the ‘six pack’). But, not all stomach exercises have to be crunches. Pilates moves, for example, work our tummy muscles on a deep level and, when performed properly, deliver amazing results.

Truth #3: Your results might be hidden

Cardio plays a vital role in good core work. We can do crunches and Pilates moves to tighten and strengthen our abs until the cows come home, but if we don’t burn off that top layer of fat, we’ll never see your amazing results. In those cases, we’re left with a stronger core (which is a good thing), but instead of a lean and lovely midsection, we often find ourselves with that “boxy” look (not such a good thing). So start burning away your belly fat so that you (and others) can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Truth #4: You need a diet to do it

Eating, of course, is another major factor here. Sugar, sodium, hydrogenated fats, and processed foods are just a few of the culprits that sabotage abs. A diet that’s high in fiber, lean proteins, healthy fats, and emphasizes portion control can rev up your metabolism, improve digestion, and help you carve your way to a beautiful you.

Sound like a lot to bite off?  Well, chew on this: You can have flat abs over the age of 40!

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