Walk Your Way To Flat Abs [VIDEO]

Think you can’t lose belly fat AND strengthen your core from walking? Think again.

Today, I’ll show you how to supercharge your steps with a 3-minute waist-whittling walking video.

Although walking is the foundation of this workout, it also includes simple but powerful standing ab moves that will help you blast away belly fat and walk off the pounds. That’s right…no more crunches! By incorporating this in your walking routine, you’ll see an overall tighter core that will also improve balance and coordination.

I’ve seen thousands of women and men use this walking ab routine and shed inches from their waist! Mary uses my walking workouts almost daily, and can hardly describe her incredible transformation. Not only has she taken her metabolism to the next level, but she’s also seeing definition in her midsection where she used to have what she describes as, “nothing but softness before.” Today’s clip gives you a taste of the incredible walking workouts that have helped so many people tone, tighten and boost their metabolism!

Plus, if you want a workout that’s gentle on your joints, then today’s video (a clip from my Power Walk For Weight Loss DVD) is definitely for you. Louise says, “This walking workout is my absolute favorite, because it’s not too hard on my back or knees, but it’s still interesting and fun.”

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