2 Secret Weapons To Take Your Abs To The Next Level

There are certain tools that make exercise simply more effective, which means it takes less time to get results. Two of these secret weapons may look like play, but trust me…they’ll amp up your moves and help you tone your body in record time. Meet the mini core ball and stability ball!

Secret 1: Mini Core Ball for Lower Belly Pooch

This miniature ball (8″) is small enough to tuck into your suitcase, but delivers big results, especially when targeting your hard-to-reach lower belly area.

By using this small ball, you’ll notice:

  • Flatter lower belly
  • Decreased back pain
  • Improved balance
  • Tighter thighs

Try these quick moves for tighter tummy & thighs:

Secret 2: Stability Ball For Built-In Spanx

Stability balls are designed to provide a supportive surface for you to take you moves to the next level, and are particularly useful when working both your rectus abdomonis (six-pack muscles) and obliques.

Stability balls add a powerful new dimension to your workout. The air-cushioned exercise ball helps build:

  • Spectacular abs
  • Tight, sexy lower body
  • Improved posture

Try these simple abdominal moves you can do at home for amazing abs:

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