Your Turkey Day Workout

10-min clip from my NEW DVD, FastFit

FastFitBetween Thanksgiving travel, meal planing, and the stress that can come along with any holiday, it can be easy to skip your workout. But with the amount of calories that will be on your plate tomorrow (and the leftovers that will follow), it’s critical to squeeze in a short workout session.

That’s why you don’t want to miss today’s 10-min video workout from FastFit. You can do it anywhere, and it will even help reverse the effects of all the holiday fun you’re having 🙂 

Research is showing us that short periods of high intensity interval training (HIIT)  three times a week is just as effective as moderately exercising for 40 minutes or longer four or five days a week. Some studies actually determined that it is more effective at toning muscles, burning calories and improving insulin sensitivity! And just to add a few more reasons to start interval training, listen up. Interval training helps you:

  • Better tolerate stress
  • Age more gracefully
  • Release endorphins to make you happier
  • Tone muscle
  • Burn fat even hours after your workout is finished

But let’s take a step back….Interval training or HIIT training…what is it? Interval training (also known as High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT) refers to the extra energy and intensity added to a workout, usually in quick spurts. Say you’re jogging along at a moderate, comfortable pace, but then for the next 30 seconds, you run at a full sprint before dropping back into a comfortable pace (a recovery period). Then you repeat the pattern for several minutes.

That short burst of extra effort is an interval, and while it doesn’t last very long, it creates very positive results. This style of exercise has been the needle-mover for millions of women on their journey through weight loss. And the best part is, you don’t need any fancy gym equipment. You can practice intervals while in your living room or while taking a walk down the street.

My new DVD, FastFit, includes five 10-minute sections which incorporate interval training for maximum results. For an exclusive peek inside, try out the 10-minute Fat Burning Blast video above.