Why you shouldn’t go to the gym this weekend

5 Fun Workouts That Will Make you Forget You’re Exercising!


Some people get in an exercise rut by making the mistake of always doing the same workout at the same place at the same time of day for the same amount of time. The body adapts and plateaus, and frustration sets in. This is a setup for losing momentum and interest because one day off becomes 10 or more.

Mixing up speed, intensity, and type of exercise is key to getting results. So if you think that doing your usual treadmill routine is the most effective way to lose weight, think again! This weekend, why not try mixing it up with a few activities that are so much fun, you won’t even know you’re working out! Here are 5 things you should do instead of going to the gym this weekend:

Screenshot 2014-06-05 12.37.031. Instead of using the stair stepper, try hiking to a waterfall!

Hiking is terrific for many reasons. In just an hour or two, you can escape into the fresh air, set your imagination free and breathe through whatever issues are on your mind. Climbing is a fun workout that also does wonders on your glutes, legs and fat-burning abilities.



2. Instead of walking on the treadmill, walk for a cause!


During the summertime, many charities host local fundraising events of all distances and levels of difficulty. Participating in these activities is a  fun way to gather your friends together and give back to your community or make a difference cause you’re passionate about. Whether it’s running in a 5k to help the local Boys and Girls Club, or biking in a relay race for the Leukemia and Lymphnocia Society, signing up for events like these keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals while spending quality time with friends. This weekend, I’m headed to The Broadmoor for a weekend of tennis at Rally For The Cure to help raise awareness for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. I can’t wait to put my tennis serve to good use!

3. Instead of going to your usual spin class, try something new! 



As I mentioned earlier, the key to keeping exercise fun and effective is to mix things up. If you’re only doing cardio, for example, it’s high time you started adding in some resistance training. And if you’ve shied away from certain activities, whether yoga, Pilates or barre-style workouts, grab a friend try something new together!

Lately, barre workouts have been a fun workout for me to switch up my routine while improving my posture, lifting my buns, and finding the balance to push myself into deep, relaxing stretches. For barre classes near you, look for a few of the top studios: Exhale Spa and The Bar Method. If there isn’t a class in your area, pull up a chair, roll up a towel, and try my at-home barre workout — Total Body Lift!

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, try skydiving! They say that 90% of skydiving is mental, with 10% of it being physical, since it requires mid-section strength to stabilize your body mid-air. When you’re free-falling, having a strong core helps shield your spike to prevent injury. Although it may not be a calorie-blaster, it sure is a fun activity to get your blood pumping!

4. Instead of doing step aerobics, try hula hooping!

Screenshot 2014-06-05 16.37.52Last year, Kelly Osborne lost 70 lbs hula hooping, and you can lose weight doing it too! What I love about hula hooping is that it’s fun, it burns calories, it whittles your waistline, and you can do it anywhere! In fact, I recently hiked up Iron Mountain in Utah with my hula hoop, and once I reached the top of the hike, I peaked my calorie burn by spinning the hoop around my hips while enjoying the view of Park City.

You can hula in your house, your backyard, the beach, or the top of a mountain, but the main point is — have fun doing it! So, grab a small or large hoop, and start having fun and getting your body ready for bathing suit season!

5. Instead of doing the elliptical, try jump roping!

Although typically thought of as a childhood memory, jump roping is an inexpensive and portable way to burn massive calories! Jumping for even 10 minutes engages your core while targeting your lower body to create defined calves and thinner thighs. The best part is…you don’t even need a rope! Try the  jump roping workout below (from the Cardio Knockout DVD) with an imaginary rope, and in only 4 minutes, you’ll feel the fat begin to melt away!