The Goldilocks Method For Picking The Perfect Dumbbell Weight

Over the last 20 years, women have steadily infiltrated the weight room, and with good reason. Studies show that strength training gives your muscles shape and tone while increasing bone density, helping prevent and, in some cases, even reversing osteoporosis! Regular weight training also elevates metabolism, lowers blood pressure, increases circulation, strengthens connective tissues, and encourages fat loss.

So, if it’s a great idea, then why a woman has taken so long to get with the program? A lot of it has to do with the myth that lifting weights will make women look too bulky and muscular like a man. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Women simply don’t have enough testosterone to create that hefty bodybuilding look. We do, however, have just enough to create the “tone” that everyone wants.

But know this tone is a fluffy word for muscle. Scary? Not really. Think about it: You can’t tone or shape fat. It just sits there, looking like fat! You can, however, tone and shape muscle through resistance training, and the Lift Weights To Lose Weight 30-Day Program will give you that sleek, lean shape you desire by combining strength training with proper diet and regular cardiovascular activity.

If you’re just starting out, here are some frequently asked questions for a safe and effective weight-training program:

1. How do I determine how much weight is right for me?

Try using the “Goldilocks 15-rep test” to determine your weight increments. After 15 reps, ask yourself, • Was it too easy? Try again with the next weight up.

• Was it too hard? Try the set just below it.

• Was it just right? Bingo–you’ve found your level.

Of course, nothing is ever this cut and dry, and you may have to have drop to a lesser weight during a move because you are fatiguing quickly. This is fine, just pick up a more comfortable weight and continue.

2. Not sure what to do?

Try one of my strength training DVDs: Lift Weights to Lose Weight,  Lift Weights to Lose Weight 2, FastFit, or Barre Body Lift. Start with this 2-min total-body strengthening video from FastFit:

3. If you’re excessively sore, take a day off from resistance work

Pushing yourself to train on those days is counterproductive, and will only make you more susceptible to injury. Opt instead for a regenerative yoga session to loosen up and quiet your mind and body, or get some fresh air and take a rejuvenating walk outdoors. Getting the blood flowing always helps.

4. Make sure you listen to your body

If you find any moves in my workouts to be too challenging, just follow the modifiers and listen for cues on how to alter certain moves that may pose problems. If you have any questions or need some support, jump on my Community Message Board and chat with me or others who are ready to help. Remember, improving your fitness level is a process that involves baby steps. As you make improvements in strength and stamina, try increasing the weight you’re using and/or incorporate more advanced moves into your regular routine.

Myth Buster!

Myth: By working out, you can turn fat into muscle.

In fact muscle tissue and body fats are completely two different things, and one can no more become the other than a pigeon can become a pickle. People probably began to think along these lines when they started to lift weights and began to lose more fat, and the fat was seemingly transfigured into muscle mass. And while it’s true that more fat is burned by the body if you have a greater amount of lean muscle mass, it is never “changed into” muscle. Conversely, if you stop exercising or doing resistance training, you’ll probably gain back some of the body fat you lost, which will cover your new muscle tone so you may appear “fatter.” Visually, it might appear that fat and muscle are swapping seats, but they can’t.

30 Day Lift Weights To Lose Weight Program – To Protect Your Body And Experience Life!

The 30 Day Lift Weights To Lose Weight Program Includes

  • Ageless Staying Strong DVD – Reset your body with four 15-minute workouts! This target-training DVD sculpts your arms, legs, glutes and core while using light weights. The progression of exercises are designed to give you maximum results in record time.
  • Lift Weights To Lose Weight DVD -Two 20-min upper and lower body tightening workouts to tone your entire figure and boost your metabolism!
  • Lift Weights To Lose Weight 2 DVD – 50-Min workout that includes the best of weight training with a Pilates twist!
  • 30-Day Calendar – Take the guesswork out of exercise! This 30-day guide shows you exactly what workout to do each day.