Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential With Kettlebells



Hundreds of women have raved to me about how kettlebell training transformed their entire body in record time — from firming their thighs to melting fat to toning their abs! Kettlebells truly can unlock your body’s full potential and amp your workouts to another level, which means you get different – amazing – results!

If you haven’t tried kettlebell workouts before, I know that considering a new type of workout can be like choosing “Door #3” without knowing what’s behind it. But workout variety ensures your body doesn’t go on autopilot during exercise. And if you’re ready to advance, kettlebell workouts are about new technique, not more weight or more difficult moves. Plus kettlebells create a strong, lean core like nothing else you’ve tried.

It’s more doable than it sounds. You’ve just got to equip yourself with the right tools. And that’s where Kettlebells come into play.

Kettlebells can tap into your body’s full potential. That’s because unlike other types of training, Kettlebell workouts require you to move the way your body was meant to move. None of us simply go forward and backward, left to right. We move in different planes of motion, incorporating multiple joints and muscle groups. As we reach, bend, twist, swing and lean our way through life, using a full range of motion, we recruit not just the obvious muscle groups (the arms, the shoulders and the glutes), but we also use the stabilizer muscles throughout our core and Kathy Smith's Kettlebellsmidsections. Kettlebell training tackles all of those areas in less time, with a workout that’s fun and freeing, empowering and effective, challenging but absolutely doable for all ages and all body types.

And here’s the bonus: Kettlebell workouts can burn major calories. The high-repetition, full-body movements used in kettlebell workouts also provide the fat-burning, heart-healthy benefits of aerobic exercise.

Initially, Kettlebells had a certain stigma attached to them. First used in the early 20th Century by Russian bodybuilders, Kettlebells have only recently become popular in mainstream American fitness. But they’re not just for the hulking bodybuilders you’ve seen hoisting heavy weights at the gym. Kettlebell training has become the go-to workout for A-list actresses who want to burn fat and tone up quickly. And regardless of your fitness level (or age, or gender, for that matter), you too can reap the countless benefits of Kettlebells.

The first time I tried Kettlebell training, I was amazed: I’d never had that sensation in my core and glutes. It was really a gamechanger for me, and I wanted to share this with others. But the heavy cast metal finish seemed harsh and intimidating – not to mention that you run the risk of injury if you start off training with a weight that’s too heavy.

That’s why I created my Kettlebell Solution. In soft, feminine colors, these light weights are easy on the hands (and easy on the floor), but still deliver great results. It’s the perfect starter kit so that you can develop your technique properly and effectively. And once you’ve mastered the form, be on the lookout: This  January, I’m releasing 10 and 15 pound versions of my Kettlebells, so that you can see even greater sculpting and fat-burning results as you develop the body you’ve always wanted: The body that feels empowered, strong, and full of energy and vitality. It will not only be the start of a New Year – but it might just be the beginning of your new body.