Total Body Lift

My new DVD Total Body Lift just hit stores today . . . and soon it’s available right here on our site!

This gravity-defying workout will give you the strength, energy, and shape of a younger body. The secret is to hone in on specific muscle groups to provide the greatest results in the least amount of time. You’ll tone and tighten using a series of small, concentrated muscle movements, strengthen with traditional exercises that involve a full range of motion, and create long, beautiful lines with deep stretches.

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Total Body Lift includes:

Warm Up:
Warm up the entire body with a 5- minute routine designed to create heat in the muscles and joints.

Upper Body Lift:
Tone and tighten the arms, shoulders and chest using floor exercises and light weights.

Leg Lift:
Get long, lean legs with a series of squats, curls, and lifts using a chair for support.

Butt Lift:
Reshape your glutes and get that beautiful curve with a combination of standing exercises and floor work.

Tummy Lift:
Cinch your waistline with these abdominal and core conditioning exercises

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