4 Trending Ways To Burn Fat Like Crazy



Not only is HIIT training #1 on the fat-burning meter because scorches maximum amounts of fat, but it also stimulates your HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels by up to 450% in the hours after your workout. And, digital HIIT workouts on your smartphone gives you no more excuses to “forget” to go to the gym. Press play while you’re cooking or brushing your teeth, and burn fat like crazy throughout the day. You can digitally stream my hand-picked selection of downloadable HIIT workouts in the 21-Day Winter Workout Challenge!



One of the keys to incinerating fat after 40 is going for broke with high-intensity walking workouts. Heart-racing walking does more than just blast calories. Besides strengthening your heart and fending off diabetes, it also could help you become a brainiac. A study found that a fierce HIIT workout can boost learning by 20%. The high intensity power from these workouts encourages your body to better regulate chemicals that are crucial for both storing and grasping information. Start today by downloading my Walk Fit audio collection with 7 different walking audios, ranging from steady-state to 30-min HIIT audios. Download instantly on your phone, and start losing weight on the treadmill!


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Yoga is so much more than just a flexibility routine. Yoga’s an integrative practice that focuses on bodyweight bearing exercises that strengthens your entire body. A classic dumbbell routine emphasizes concentric contractions (the muscle contracts when it shortens) whereas many yoga poses are held statically or isometrically. Transitioning to the next yoga pose requires eccentric or lengthening contractions, which gives your muscles a long, lean look. And remember – muscles burn more calories than fat. Start today with my Yoga Sculpt DVD!



While it’s important to follow a regular workout routine, you’ll only get results if you keep incorporating new moves. Think of it as consistent change. I call Wednesday my “Wild Card” day because it’s my freebie – not my “day off” from exercising, but my day to do anything and everything I might want. That might mean an exciting new class, whether it’s kettlebells, dancing or step aerobics – or it might mean another day of cardio, strength training, yoga, or pilates, depending on what my body needs, and what will “surprise” it.