The BEST Predictor of Weight Loss Success

You already know that the formula for burning insane amounts of fat and keeping it off, is more than cutting calories and guzzling detox juices. Those techniques will revert you back to old patterns faster than you can say yo-yo!

Studies prove that the best predictor for lasting weight loss will be to analyze how many pounds you drop within the first 30 days. But, the first two weeks of your weight loss journey are the most important. Results are motivating, and if you see the pounds start to drop in the first two weeks, you will naturally build momentum, to transform your new habits into a healthy lifestyle.

During the first few weeks when you feel the urge to pick up the fork and go crazy, remember the H-A-L-T method. Ask yourself:

H – Am I actually HUNGRY, or am I…

If you’re still undecided after answering those questions, try the apple test. If you’re truly hungry, the sweet, juicy flavor of an apple will excite your taste buds. If not, it’s time to keep investigating your feelings. Remember, if hunger isn’t what you’re feeling, then food won’t be the solution. Instead of grabbing for the nearest chocolate cake, try lacing up your shoes for a 10-min walk outside.

The 2-Week Fat Shred Includes…

• Includes 14 Daily workouts to get your body back in shape!
• Every morning, your daily workout will be waiting in your email! I’ve designed your daily workouts to alternate between cardio, strength training and flexibility.
• The simple 6 eating plan proven to help you lose weight, gain more energy throughout the day, and flatten your abs.
• 50 Delicious fat-burning recipes so you can eat more and weigh less! Plus, you can indulge in desserts…every day!
• Two-step guide for easily designing your own meals
• Step-by-step weekly shopping lists to see how easy meal planning can be! The shopping lists tell you exactly what you’ll need to stock your kitchen with to make easy, budget-friendly meals.

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