This is a BRAND NEW feature that I’m psyched to share with you. Now, you can sync my workout calendar with the calendar on your phone or computer to show you exactly what I’m doing each day for my workout (for FREE!). Every morning, your phone will notify you with what moves to do and how many repetitions. Plus, you can peek ahead to see what upcoming workouts are on the calendar. It’s available for Apple and Android phones.
It’s easy. Here’s how you do it:

1. Click here
2. Click “Fitness Challenges”
3. Click what type of calendar you use most often. I use my iPhone calendar, so I click “Apple.”
4. Click “Launch Application” and your calendar will pop up.
5. Click the “Subscribe” button

…And that’s it! You’ll start seeing your workouts on your calendar every morning!

50% OFF the 21-Day Winter Workout Challenge when you sync my calendar with yours today! You’ll see the coupon code on today’s calendar.