SNEAK PEEK of my NEW DVD, Stay Firm Upper Body

My new DVD is called “Stay Firm Upper Body” for a reason. It’s the ideal workout for toning your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and upper body muscles.

The most common complaint I get from women about their upper body is that stubborn upper arm jiggle! That’s why I developed this time-saving approach to firming your entire upper body! The Stay Firm Upper Body DVD includes two 15-minute workouts designed to shape your arms and banish the flab.

STAY-FIRM-UPPER-BODY-DVDNearly every major muscle in your upper body has a a corresponding muscle group that carries out the opposite function. Take your biceps and triceps: Their even matchup lets you bend and straighten your elbow without any thought.

It’s important to work all of the muscles in your upper body, and not ignore your weaker muscles, or the muscles you can’t see easily in the mirror (for instance, your upper back). Maintaining this balance will create a lean and toned physique  and allow your joints to work properly. And the biggest bonus is great posture, which can make you look five pounds lighter.

The Stay Firm Upper Body DVD focuses on one of the most powerful factors when it comes to toning up as quickly and effectively as possible….resistance training. Using a Figure 8 resistance tube, you’ll lose the jiggle, tighten your midsection, and restore health and vitality. And most of all, you’ll notice increased strength and confidence.

Below, I’ll show you an exclusive look inside Stay Firm Upper Body.