Sneak Peek Inside New Total Body Toning DVD


My NEW DVD is called “Total Body Toning” for a reason. Like no other workout, TOTAL BODY TONING is efficient, incredibly effective and targets the entire body using Resistance Tubes, a Stretch Band, and an Exercise Ball (all included in the Total Body Toning kit!).

The resistance training in “Total Body Toning” will supercharge every one of your health, fitness and weight loss goals. And once you get started, shedding extra pounds and tightening your entire body will be quicker and far easier than you ever dreamed possible.

This 50-minute DVD (split into four parts) will aid in strengthening your upper body, lower body, and core while improving stability and coordination.

Don’t miss the sneak peek above for a look inside the Lean Lower Body workout in the NEW Total Body Toning DVD. This preview will be sure to inspire your legs to say, “HELLO, SUMMER!”



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