Sculpt Sleek Arms With a SNEAK PEEK Inside The New Total Body Toning DVD!

“I couldn’t be more pleased with my body after working out with the DVD and equipment in the Total Firm & Fit Kit. I finally have definition in my arms!” – Kim
For sexy shoulders you’ll love to flaunt, think beyond basic lateral raises. My Total Firm & Fit Kit gives you quick results with an functional upper body workout that will tighten your shoulders, biceps and triceps. During the workouts, you’ll use Resistance Tubes, a Stretch Band, and an Exercise Ball (all included) for strong and sexy shoulders and arms. Say bye bye to arm jiggle!

The NEW Total Firm & Fit Kit kit includes a 50-minute DVD (split into four parts). Not only will the workouts strengthen and define your upper body, but they will also firm your lower body and core…a total body experience!

Don’t miss the 3-minute SNEAK PEEK video above inside the shoulder-toning section of the Total Firm & Fit Kit!


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