Dance off the pounds with the lively rhythms of Latin dance, two intensity level routines that combine great calorie burning and toning workouts!

Learn the Latin Basics, in a 20 minute low-impact, calorie burning aerobic routine using the smooth, sexy steps of the salsa, meringue and cha-cha. Easy and fun, sure to get your hips moving and your heart pumping!

Turn up the tempo with the “Latin Sizzle” workout that combines all the steps into one spicy, 20 minute non-stop dance workout.

Easy to fit into any daily schedule, you can do one quick 20-minute routine or but them together for an incredible 40 minute “full-power” workout….you choose.

BONUS – Learn the basic stance and turns for salsa, meringue and cha-cha and enjoy the sultry fun of Latin partner dancing!