Get up and dance during your next family holiday gathering, because my Latin Rhythm workout is finally available again on DVD! This dance workout features Salsa, Cha Cha, and Merenge moves that will burn calories and tone muscle.

One of my favorite memories is inviting all of my friends over on a cold winter night and warming up with the Latin Rhythm DVD. We would enjoy food, margaritas and a dance party where everybody followed along as we swung our hips to the music. The live band and all of the dancers made for a great party atmosphere!

The two choreographed dance workouts in Latin Rhythm also come with a bonus “Learn Latin Dancing With A Partner” section that will keep you moving for an even greater burn. Then, you’ll cool down and rejuvenate your body with a unique stretch routine.

Not only will this DVD rev up your cardio but it will also tone your ab and improve your balance and flexibility! And in a few short minutes, you’ll fell energized from head to toe!

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