New York is a blast!  I just finished my event at Willner Chemists today, sharing my tips on how to make 2012 the healthiest year ever. Thank you so much to everyone who attended. It’s direct contact with people like you that inspire me to do what I do.

People always ask me do I get healthy? If you missed the event, don’t worry.  Here are the highlights for getting in shape in 2012 – the 4 game-changers that can change your life:
  • Start Burst Training. Intervals are the best way to spice up your routine, make your body burn more fat, and increase your overall fitness level.
  • Lift weights. So many people I talk to are afraid of lifting weights, but the truth is, it’s one of the most important things you can do for your body. Compound strength-training builds muscle that burns calories hours after you’ve finished working out.
  • Relax. Stress management is just as crucial as exercise when it comes to being healthy. Maintaining a balanced and relaxed state of mind can give you the motivation you need to stay healthy and avoid negative stress effects.
  • Balance your blood sugar. In today’s culture our bodies are bombarded with sugar. This can create an imbalance that could prevent you from losing weight no matter how hard you try. Be cautious of your sugar intake and up the fiber in your diet with a supplement like PGX, or the foods listed in the fiber chart to the right.
I’m off to explore the city. Remember, you can catch me at A Matter of Health 138 Rockland Plaza Nanuet, NY 10954 tonight from 6-8pm . Don’t  forget to RSVP – 845.627.3333, ext 8.